WRECK BAG has been traveling! Following a week on the West Coast, WRECK BAG traveled to Kentucky. Last month, Master Trainer Crystal Seaver took WRECK BAG to GORGO Camp in Kentucky. You may be thinking…Kentucky? It was the middle of nowhere to be exact. But, that middle of nowhere hosted approximately 100 fitness-minded women – all at different points in their journey. And, WRECK BAG was a huge hit!

GORGO Camp (link available here)is a women’s fitness camp founded on the idea of support. It has nothing to do with trying to be perfect and everything to do with a willingness to learn more and show some inner and physical strength. For many, it’s about trying new things, and for others, it’s about being challenged and pushing limits. For everyone, it’s about coming together to leave confident, educated, and fulfilled.

Crystal was excited to bring WRECK BAG to GORGO Camp; It marked a new world for a growing #wrecknation. Camp attendees signed up for four small group sessions, and WRECK BAG was one of the many options. The class numbers and participation were phenomenal. The best part? This was the first WRECK BAG experience for everyone.

Picture this: temperatures near 100 degrees, humidity levels much too high, a garage gym with NO air conditioning and twenty women excited (yes, EXCITED) to #getwreckd. Crystal talked the group through WRECK BAG 101 – the history, the intended use and where WRECK BAG is going this year. Then, the real fun began. Squats, lunges, push-ups, slams, BURPEES (this group loved burpees!), plank pulls and some bridge lifts. For two hours, the GORGO girls experienced WRECK BAG – they tried the foundational exercises, they experimented with innovative uses and most importantly, they started to see just how this product worked for them. For some, WRECK BAGS will be an addition to home workouts or a way to get the family involved, and for the trainers in the room, it was a new tool to bring to their clients.

In the weeks following the event, social media feeds proved that the WRECK BAG’s excitement was not going to be short term. In fact, GORGO girls went home with bags and put them to use. We have has seen garage workouts, trail runs, track sessions and small group trainings all including a 25 pound WRECK BAG. Awesome!!

WRECK BAG thanks GORGO Magazine/GORGO Camp for the invitation to be part of a growing fitness community. The strength, knowledge and enthusiasm far exceeded expectations.

Make sure to watch where WRECK BAG travels nex

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