Healthy Kids Day Recap

To end April with purpose, Wreck Bag attended Healthy Kids Day at the Kent County Y in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Healthy Kids Day is a nationwide initiative to improve the health and well being of kids. The goal: to make sure kids are active and moving all summer long. As the Y reminds us, many kids do not have exposure to mind/body activities when the school year ends. As such, Healthy Kids Day brings awareness to activities that can help make it the best summer ever and keep kids healthy and moving throughout the school break. At Wreck Bag, we believe in creative, fit family fun and were happy to support this community event and goal.

On Saturday, April 30th, the sun was shining in Warwick and hundreds of families with kids [walking – 12 years old] showed up to participate in the scheduled activities. Wreck Bag was moving all day long. If you have ever wondered what you can do with a Wreck Bag, just ask these kids. They had chances to carry, jump over, throw, push and slam the bag.

What better way to create Wreck Bag fun for all ages than with an obstacle course? The mini course consisted of Wreck Bag hops, tunnel crawls, Wreck Bag slams and tosses, a “barbed” [rope] wire crawl, hoop jumps, and a Wreck Bag wall. And, if the course wasn’t quite challenging enough for our older kids, they were encouraged to take the newest Wreck Bag Mini [5 lbs!] along for the entire course.

The smiles told it all, the multiple laps told it all, the hard work told it all. The kids were having fun AND they were working hard – but, they didn’t know that. That is the best part — the activities were stimulating body and mind – and, it wasn’t perceived as work, it was simply, pure fun.

The fun didn’t stop with the kids – Wreck Bag staff had a great time at the event too and loved seeing the little ones #wreckit.

Make sure to check back each month to see where Wreck Bag has been!

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