Hear from the Coaches: Wreck Bag at South Jersey OCR

Guest Blogger: James, South Jersey OCR

James transitioned from trail running to obstacle course racing in 2010. He completed 35+ obstacle races and other endurance events at every competitive level. An unfortunate career change in 2013 brought on a lot of negativity, but he was able to turn that negativity around and pursue and invest more time to help others. Today James is constantly on the go to better teammates, the fitness programs and most importantly give back to the local community by helping those less fortunate.

At South Jersey OCR we currently have two Level 1 Wreck Bag Certified Instructors. We sweat, we work hard, we push limits, and we help everyone achieve the unthinkable.

When I was looking for a different style of training, the research was done with my members in mind. I took my time and reached out to multiple brands and was sold immediately on the direction that Wreck Bag was going in and what they bring, not just to the OCR world, but to the fitness community as a whole.

Transitioning to a Wreck Bag specific program for our member’s wasn’t hard at all. We hosted a few basic 101 sessions to go over foundational movements and we were good to go. Transitioning from running to movements like burpees and lunges are simple for any user due to the control you have over the Wreck Bag, whether it’s the standard size Wreck Bag or Wreck Bag Mini. Notably a soft bag with tough exterior, the Wreck Bag Mini has been a solid fit for some rucking events that we’ve done recently, including the “MURPH WOD”.

Wreck Bag has helped the growth of our gym programs. Members love it and couldn’t be any happier working with an awesome product and company.

South Jersey OCR Members talk:

“ Wreck Bag to me is about function and form. One piece of equipment that makes fitness not only fun but functional. It allows you to not sacrifice form with the addition of its straps. Because it’s available in so many different weights there is a Wreck Bag for everyone.”

-Ronald Murphy

“I enjoy working out with the Wreck Bag because it is easy to handle, the straps are a comfortable width and its very durable. The bag isn’t too bulky and fits nicely on my shoulders. I love the added intensity it brings to my workouts.

-Wanda Tranquillo

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