Physical Education Teacher uses Wreck Bags to whip kids into shape

As a physical education teacher, I am always searching for ways to not only engage students to participate in physical activity, but also provide them with experiences that will encourage them to become healthy active adults. Trying to provide an impactful experience for students can be an overwhelming task when considering all of the options available for physical activity and exercise.
The CDC claims that less than 1% of the population over the age of 25 participates in a team sport. The challenge of organizing a group of adult friends to meet for a pickup game is next to impossible once they find themselves engulfed in the responsibilities and obligations of adulthood. Therefore, it makes sense that “team sport” options should be limited in a secondary physical education curriculum and focus should instead be on teaching students how to be physically active on their own or with one or two other people at the most. These experiences provide the highest likelihood that they will be successful in continuing an active lifestyle long after they leave the school environment. What then should we be providing for our students in the form of activity to learn and in which to be engaged? The answer is functional fitness and lifetime activities like cycling, skating, trail running, racquet sports, HIIT and weight training. These types of activities are excellent outlets now for our students because they are not only fun, but they are the answers to overcoming the adult schedule dilemma.

Along this thought, Wreck Bag is a must for any successful Physical Education Program that wants to make an impact on their students’ lives now and in the future. It can be incorporated into daily warm up/workouts and as a standalone lesson/unit. It is a way that you can camouflage fitness concepts and foundational movement patterns into your daily classes. My students love to use Wreck Bags! They are fun to use and provide a workout that is unsurpassed by any other equipment that I have used in my classes. The use of Wreck Bags has not only lead to an interest in a different type of workout but also has led some of my students to explore the fastest growing sport ever….Obstacle Course Racing. If you are passionate about making an impact in the fitness and future of your students, get some Wreck Bags and get ready to change some lives! The details of why and how Wreck Bag is a must have in your gym will be the focus of my future Blog posts. Stay tuned….

Matt is a Physical Education Teacher in the North Allegheny School District.  He is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, CrossFIt Endurance Trainer and a POSE Running Coach.  When not spending time with his family he enjoys competing in OCRs and Marathons.

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