Wreck Bag® Ambassador Program

We are looking for a few great fitness enthusiasts to join the Wreck Bag Ambassador Program.

In order to carry out the role of a Wreck Bag Ambassador, you must:
Already be the proud owner of a Wreck Bag.
Be able to create and share Wreck Bag-based content.
Be able to convey how you can help grow the Wreck Bag brand.
Be willing to make money – Earn 15% commission on any sales you generate by sharing your Wreck Bag love.

Wreck Bag Ambassadors are people who:

  • Are innovative fitness enthusiasts
  • Love to motivate others
  • Love products that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Interested in sharing Wreck Bag with your community

What is a Wreck Bag Ambassador? A Wreck Bag Ambassador is a grass-roots, boots-on- the-ground advocate for Wreck Bag fitness. Wreck Bag Ambassadors motivate, inspire and lead others to live a healthy lifestyle and #GETWRECKD. It is designed to give Wreck Bag a voice by staying informative, supportive, and positively engaged with Wreck Bag products and customers.

Wreck Bag Ambassadors sign up for a 12 month period, during which you will have the opportunity to give Wreck Bag input and feedback, influence your fitness community with Wreck Bag and receive some Wreck Bag perks.

As a Wreck Bag Ambassador you will receive:

  • One FREE Wreck Rib
  • One FREE T-shirt
  • A 10% discount on products
  • Recognition on the Wreck Bag Blog and other social outlets

What does a Wreck Bag Ambassador have to do? Wreck Bag Ambassadors are encouraged to spread the word about fitness with Wreck Bag. We are looking for people who will post innovative or inspiring videos or memes about ways to incorporate Wreck Bag in their quest for fitness.

As a Wreck Bag Ambassador, you are expected to:

  • Post at least two Wreck Bag related posts (picture, video, blog) each month.
  • Interact with Wreck Bag through our social media channels
  • Tag @wreckbag in social media posts when relevant

To become a WRECKBAG AMBASSADOR, please fill out the following application by clicking here