Wreck Bag Goes West Coast

Guest Blog by: Jason Bileau, Wreck Bag Master Trainer

It would be a series of firsts. My first trip to the West Coast. My first IDEA conference. My first time representing Wreck Bag on such a stage. The weather would be warm, the crowd plenty, and the energy buzzing. I was ready. I was excited.

The IDEA conference brought thousands upon thousands of attendees, presenters, and exhibitors. From industry giants to newcomers, any and everything fitness would be on hand. Upon walking through the convention center doors, attendees could partake in fitness and nutrition lectures, hands-on segments, or observe product demonstrations and displays. This would be our chance to show the fitness industry what Wreck Bag has to offer.

Wreck Bag had a great show. We were able to inform and educate those that were new to our product, and provide fitness challenges for those that were already familiar. Feedback was extremely positive, and served as further proof that Wreck Bag is a strong and upcoming brand in the fitness industry.

From Los Angeles, the next stop was Long Beach. We were set to run a trainer certification at RUT Camp, and it was going to be a good one! Another new destination. Another new experience. Excitement was high. This was an incredibly unique training center. It housed every possible training tool. Essentially, it was a fitness playground. How could it not be a great day?

After trainer introductions, it was clear that we had a roster full of passionate and experienced individuals. It was an honor to lead the course, and the hosts were incredibly hospitable. Stories, information, and laughs were shared. Repetitions and sets were tracked. Wreck Bags were , pushed, pulled, and slammed. It was an awesome day.

The day was coming to a close, and it was time to head home. Although the experience was great, and I had created new relationships and memories, nothing beats coming home to your family. For me, that’s my wife and hound dogs. It always makes for a great welcome back.

I was extremely pleased with our trip, and felt that we did a great job of representing the brand. I’ll keep working to bring a bigger and better experience to everything Wreck Bag. That’s a promise. I’ll leave you with that. Until we meet again, Wreck Nation.

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