Wreck Bag, An Unbeatable Workout

The Wreck Bag is different than any workout bag you’ll ever see…Better than you’ve ever tried…Guaranteed

What makes it so much better than the competition?

It’s durable…It’s flexible…It’s portable…It’s resistant…It’s versatile

And yes…There are other work out bags that have some of these qualities…But not all…And the Wreck Bag has so much more…

  • The exercises you can do with it are endless.
  • The Wreck Bag is made to mold to your body.
  • You can carry it anywhere you go…Use it everywhere.
  • It comes in pre-selected weights to fit your endurance level, and your work out needs.
  • It’s made of a rubber blend and is shock absorbent.
  • It has easy to grip handles…Soft on your hands.
  • It is water and sweat resistant.
  • The outer shell is custom woven.

What Makes the Wreck Bag, Hands Down, Better Than Any Other?

The Wreck Bag is NOT filled with sand…That’s right…No sand…It’s filled with a special rubber blend to conform to your body as you work, and strengthen ALL of your muscles.

There are so many added benefits to a workout bag without the sand…

  • Sand makes you sweat…The wreck bag doesn’t.
  • Sand absorbs water…The Wreck Bag is water resistant.
  • Sand is hard…The Wreck Bag is soft…NOT hard on your body.
  • Sand shifts in the bag…The Wreck Bag conforms to your body causing no shift in weight.

You Won’t Find Another Like It:

You will NOT find another work out bag on the market with all the benefits of the Wreck Bag…The work out you will receive is unbeatable…You can strengthen every muscle in your body with any exercise you can possibly imagine, while using the Wreck Bag…Comfortably and at your level of endurance…

The Wreck Bag is the ONLY full body workout bag NOT filled with sand…giving you a more comfortable…AND safer workout…

And it’s a FULL body workout, used for every imaginable exercise you can think of…Walk, jog, do push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats…

Use your imagination…The Wreck Bag does it ALL!                     

So, Why Use the Wreck Bag?               

That’s easy…The Wreck Bag was created to provide you with a full body workout…To strengthen all your muscles…To step your workout up a notch from all the workouts you’ve tried before…

Trained, competitive athletes use the Wreck Bag to keep their bodies in the physically strong, athletic, shape they need to compete…

The Wreck Bag is built to be as strong as its users…Use the Wreck Bag to fit your specific endurance level…Build your muscles…And then move it up a notch…

See for yourself…If you’re looking for a good, solid, full body, safe workout…The Wreck Bag is for you


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