About Wreck Bag

The WRECK BAG stormed the fitness scene in April, 2014, making its debut as a bag carry obstacle in the F.I.T Challenge Obstacle Course Race. After receiving rave reviews from race participants, the WRECK BAG became a sought after product from OCR race directors as well as those looking for an awesome addition to their training routine.

Soon, the WRECK BAG was popping up in CrossFit boxes, boot camps, YMCA’s and fitness centers nationwide. Mud Run Guide readers voted WRECK BAG the “Best New Product in 2014”, and OCRs​ including Rugged Maniac, Battle Frog and the OCR World Championships outfitted their races with WRECK BAG obstacles. Originally introduced to the market with only a 25lb and 50lb option, the product line now also includes a 35lb, 40lb, 60lb and 70lb as well as the single-handled Wreck Bag Mini in 10lb, 12lb and 15lb options.

Most recently, Lindon Fitness, the creators of the WRECK BAG, have introduced “WRECKCESSORIES”, functional accessories to designed to even further increase the infinite ways to achieve a total body workout with the WRECK BAG. The WRECK BAG’s versatility has resounded with fitness enthusiasts and trainers globally, and each day we are excited to see more and more people find new ways #GETWRECK’D.